"The Prom Kings of the Merrimack Valley" Gig @ the Back Page - Lowell, MA 5/27/16

Prom season is in full swing!  While it might be technically possible for some of you to attend both a senior prom as well as legally enter and drink in a bar this month, the rest of you will have to come on down to the Back Page in Lowell on Friday May 27th to get your fill of awkward dancing and alcoholic consumption away from the prying eyes of parental supervision.

Come on down and see Juice Fedenyszen do two things he was born to do; rock a cummerbund and slap a Fender bass.    
Andrew Martin Experience Live @ the Back Page
FRI May 27th
9pm - 1am
15 Kearney Sq
Lowell, MA

Andrew Martin - Vocals/Guitar
Erin Martin - Vocals 
Justin Fedenyszen - Slap Bass
Dave Shrewsbury - Keys
Drums - David Bickel