The Lab

Welcome to the Lab! This is a place where I post about some of my quasi-academic explorations into music and gear.

Music Lesson - Improv Interval Training - Part I

If you are anything like me, you may have a tendency to noodle around when playing improvised guitar solos.  By “noodle around,” I mean playing lines that seemingly have no beginning and no ending.  On the surface this sounds…

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Testing Different IC's in a Tube Screamer

For a long time I've been wondering what effect, if any, the IC has on a simple overdrive pedal like the Tube Screamer.  I decided to wire an IC socket into my TS clone so that I could easily swap…Read more

Comparison of Different Cables - Part II

So here is my second attempt at descerning the effect of instrument cables on guitar tone. I received some feedback on my first experiment that my experiment may have been compromised by placing the test cable after the looper.  Apparently…Read more

Comparison of Different Cables - Part I

Among internet gear enthusiasts, a topic that is often hotly debated is whether or not there is any appreciable difference between cables (often times of greatly different costs).  I decided to go looking around to see if I could find…Read more