Testing Different IC's in a Tube Screamer

For a long time I've been wondering what effect, if any, the IC has on a simple overdrive pedal like the Tube Screamer.  I decided to wire an IC socket into my TS clone so that I could easily swap them in and out.  I recorded a loop into my Boss RC-2 so that I could keep everything but the IC swaps consistent.  I tested out 7 different IC's, and I think that list includes mostly all of the IC's that are usually deployed in basic guitar effects.  

What do you think, can you hear a difference?   

Signal Chain = Stratocaster --> Cable -->  Boss RC2 --> Cable --> TS Clone --> Cable --> 66 Deluxe Reverb --> SM57 --> FMR Audio RNP --> Digital Performer.

There was no signal processing at all.


Testing Different IC's in a Tube Screamer by afrogoose


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