"Will You Be My Valentine?" Gig @ the Back Page - Lowell, MA 2/12/15

Can you think of a more romantic way of celebrating the Friday before Valentine's Day than being shot through the heart with an arrow-sharp Andew Martin guitar solo, or perhaps, lovingly slapped on the bottom with the firm yet understanding hand of a Judd Fedenyszen bass fill?  Better still, the pitter-patter of David Bickel's bass drum will set your heart beating boom boom boom.  If the truly angelic voice of Erin Martin doesn't ascend you into an amorous altitude, then at last, beholding the sight of Dave Shrewsbury clothed in nothing sans girdle and the contents of a whole bottle of Johnson and Johnson's baby oil surely will! 

All these antique and gilded acts of chivalrous romance await thee at the Back Page.  

Can't wait to see you there!

Andrew Martin Machine
Live @ the Back Page
9:00pm - 12:30am
15 Kearney Sq
Lowell, MA  

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