Gig @ PlumFest - Plum Island Music Festival

Plum Island, 31 Southern Blvd, Newbury, MA

The ancient Greek sailors told stories of the Sirens, who used their beautiful looks and music to lure smitten sailors to shipwreck their boats on the rocky shores of their island. On May 30th, at the inaugural PlumFest music festival on Plum Island, I too will be doing my best to seduce unwitting travelers with my sensual music and beauty (and by sensual beauty I mean my disgustingly white and hairy legs)

PlumFest is modeled after Somerville's PorchFest. It should be a fun afternoon of free, live music. You can stroll around Plum Island and listen to dozens of different acts playing, all set amid the splendor that is Plum Island. I will be playing from 1-2pm @ 31 Southern Blvd on the Newbury Side.

I will be playing an acoustic duo set with Erin. It's gonna be awesome.

Come on out! Just like the Sirens, once you set afoot on the rockin' island that is the Andrew Martin Experience, you will never again want to leave!

Free Age limit: All ages